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Below are some simple explanations of the basic game mechanics as well as some useful tips and tactical advice to consider when plotting your moves. This page will be continually expanded upon so check back regularly for the latest greatest tips.


Magic Bolt

The Magic Bolt is the quintessential wizard killer. It is prudent to always play as if your opponent has one.

It attacks against the targets defence. The power is 50 + attacking wizards Magic Power divided by 2, so arcane wizards will have stronger magic bolts than others. 

It is a neutral and attack spell which means players with the staff of Neutrality or Staff of Zzzap are more likely to have one or more in there hand.

It has a range of 3 (with LoS required) which means if you finish your turn within 5 hexes of an enemy wizard it can be quite likely you will die from a bolt.

The Gooey Blob

When cast a gooey blob will always spread to enemy creatures on adjacent hexes to the casting hex giving it an effective range of 4 (in some situations). It will not spread over a height difference of 2 so this is not the case if cast next to a cliff. This should be considered when choosing which hex to cast it on, it can be useful for blocking off access to creatures that may free a target or making sure you trap as many creatures as possible.

If you are your wizard is mounted and get’s trapped in a blob it can dismount and move away, it can also attack adjacent blobs.

The Undead

Undead units can only be killed by other undead units, magic based attacks, magic weapons, wizard melee and Paladins making them very strong units indeed.

In the current version of the game there are three undead units, the Skeleton, the Hellhound (has a range 3 paralysing stare) and the Vampire (gets stronger with every 'blood-based' kill).

If your opponent has Staff of Chaos or Staff of Undead expect to face several undead units, if you have limited magical attacks these may need to saved to deal with them. Magic weapons such as the Sword or Bow or the paladin are the most effective way of dealing with many undead.

There is also the Raise Dead spell, this can resurrect any unit that has died and left a grave. This creates an undead version of the unit. Undead mounts can be particularly effective.