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Quantum Chaos Cup

Welcome to Quantum Chaos Cup I

The Quantum Chaos Cup is the first Chaos Reborn Tournament arranged by Auzarius. There will be prizes, the details are still being finalised!

Tournament Format

The Quantum Chaos Cup is a double elimination tournament, this means those that don't win their match in the main bracket will move on to the losers bracket for another chance of winning the tournament.


Sign up for the tournament is open until 31st March 11:59pm. It is first come first served, we are hoping for 32 participants but if this is not acheived then the fist 16 will be taken.

The first round will begin on the April 3rd. Players will have a week to play each round.


Please read the tournament rules before signing up.

Sign ups can be done using the forum thread or by signing up at Challonge.

Tournament Prize Options

  • An extra gift-able copy of Chaos Reborn on Steam.
  • An upgrade to Wizard Lord backer if Wizard Lord or greater backer is not already owned. [Pending]
  • An equivalent amount in Steam Wallet cash.

Arranging Matches

Those who are matched against each other can determine which match type works best for them / their schedule. As this is my first tournament not everything on here is set in stone until the tournament begins. If anyone has any other suggestions or feedback please feel free to share! :) I hope to have this tournament started by April but the tournament will begin within one week once enrollment is complete and it will be announced ahead of time so the participants can be prepared. The dates set at the top are tentative and are being used primarily for a guide line.

Matches can be arranged by the designated opponents using: The Tournament Site, Steam, the forums, or any other means of communication that you share.

Keep up to Date with the Tournament

The tournament displayed below will be updated as matches take place so you can see who your next opponent is here.