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Tournament of the Gods

Welcome to the Tournament of the Gods

Tournament Format

The Tournament of the Gods is an ongoing tournament in which players are competing against each other on behalf of The Gods and Demi Gods of Chaos.

The tournament is hosted on the Law and Chaos Tournament Site.

This is a 4 way team tournament. This means that each individual match will contain 4 wizards and that wizards are competing against each other in teams throughout the tournament as a whole. There are currently 10 teams (with more to follow).

The Gods

Each God acts as the head of their order. The Gods may choose to directly participate in the tournament as part of their team. They may be trying to organise their teams, to give strategic or tactical advice, they may try to win as many matches as possible. However, participation is not required, the Gods may simply lend their name to a team and take a hands off approach.

When joining the tournament players will select which God they would like to fight for. Bios for each of the Gods can be found: Choose a God

Matches will be 4 player free for all games involving a maximum of 2 players from each order. If 2 players of the same order enter a match they may choose to fight together until they have killed the other players or they may go head to head from the start.


The tournament starts on 8:00pm GMT Monday 26/10/2015.


Everyone is welcome.


There are no set match rules for this tournament. Matches can be played using any game format as long as all players are happy to play that format.

We have made some default suggestions which we think will work with this tournament format:

  • As a default all fixtures are to be played live
  • The default number of turns is to be 25
  • Classic Chaos Mode
  • Survivors Draw

These are however only suggestions. If agreed between all participants you could play games asynchronous, similarly you could set any turn times/turn numbers, play with equipment, and play with victory points turned on if agreed by all participants.

Arranging Games

All games taking place as part of The Tournament of the Gods are to be arranged via the Law and Chaos client.


2 per win, 1 per second place, -1 per third place, -2 per fourth place

Rankings therefore are not based on the number of games that a particular team manages to play, but rather how successful that team is with its games.